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20 Apr 2012

Creativity, creativity, creativity – Can Europe regain its creativity to improve GDP with ECB’s deaf ear on? Or, can Latin American investment opportunities help Euro growth? Good News: Costa Rica - palm oil export fuels economy; Vietnam - Rice exports increase following sluggish months; Belgium - unprecedented Flemish export turnover; Brunei exports to US up by 97%; Indonesian export ban to make many nickel mines viable again; etc

Quote: China- reading the tea-leaves?


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19 Apr 2012

Fire, fire, fire – if there is a fire in Euro zone, is the firewall strong enough to protect the global economics? Has Spanish Armada sailed well today? UK - While one luxury supplier closes door other one is crowned in the luxury world. Good News: Australia exports spurs as first shipment ff live cattle from Karumba; Japan posted record jump of 5.9% in exports; Pakistan looking to export more Basmati, non-Basmati rice to Malaysia; Spain - Barcelona's exports and area of influence reach a historic high; etc

Quote: Bank bonus and profitability back on agenda.


18 Apr 2012

Gold, Gold, Gold: Euro zone has brought glitter back on gold. Why is China investing in West that is a low return zone – for accountability and transparency? Good News:  Northern Ireland carpet firm floors competition with £300k export deal, India exports 28,000 tonne grapes to EU countries, USA recommends relaxing satellite export controls, etc.

Quote: Spain continues to bleed 


17 Apr 2012

1st, 1st, and 1st – the first quarter results are due – how much ‘self-inflected’ pain will show on the accounts? Spain’s borrowing rate is up while German holds its exports. Argentineans clawed Spain when it is the weakest. Good news: UK find exporting talent is a boom market, Kazakhstan to export first batch of batteries to China, Italy - Gold export is soaring, etc

Quote: World Bank – American have it, again! 


16 Apr 2012

Yuan, Yuan, Yuan – China is turning red, again. South Korea and Japan is no exception. Indeed, the whole of Asia. Is this the beginning of the end of the end of the beginning? Euro zone is covered with Spanish colours too. Good News: Philippines may export rice by 2013; Uganda to export fresh matooke to US; USA - February pork exports well above last year, etc.

Quote: Spain pain!


13 Apr 2012

Pastas, Pastas, Pastas: Spain is looking ugly – another Greece? Concern on China’s slowdown – is it soft or hard landing or just a correction? Now is the time to grade the world trade – not buy, sell to China! Follow the demography and the profit will follow. Emerging markets have emerged except Africa.

Quote: Forget stock, trade currency!

12 Apr 2012

Quandary, Quandary, Quandary. Style and not substance is what EU politicians’ rabbit out of the hat with too many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. How long will the new euphoria last? ExportNZ is calling for the Government to encourage more collaboration between export-focused, small-to-medium-sized firms. Other governments should consider this too. Good News: Israel is using security as another export tool; Egypt's chemical industries exports witnessed a remarkable increase by 24%; Azerbaijan raises aluminium exports, etc.

Quote: EU - anything is too little too late!

11 Apr 2012

Governability, Governability, Governability. Assuring liquidity to the markets does not automatically mean EU can prove governability. Even liquidity, will it be enough? Time will tell but by then, damage will be done. Good News: Japan’s good export figures have enlightened the Chinese too. African countries have wakened up to the exports as Ghana, Tanzania gets vocal. New Zealand has joined USA in seeing meat export potentiality. China and India remains main target.

Quote: SMEs are world’s financial recovery key. 






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