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Olive Oil - Verdeoro SRL, Italy

To offer the oil right for each need and taste, Casa Mantuano created the
Flavoured Oils, the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils mixed with higher quality
and amazing spices and aroma.
 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
500 ml. / 1 lt. / 4 lt. / 5 lt. 
Pure Olive Oil
1 lt. / 500 lt. 
Olive Pomace Oil
500 ml. / 1 lt. / 4 lt. / 5 lt.
Olive Pomace Oil
Oeanut Seed Oil - Soybean Oil - Special Fry
Corn Seed Oil - Sunflower Seed Oil
Mantuano family began the olive oil business nearly one hundred years ago, commercialising the oil obtained from its olive groves. Until the end of the sixties they devoted themselves to production and local trade , making their mark in the industry. Towards the middle of the eighties, the company keeping up the traditions and basic principles of the family business, became more industrialized . Mantuano family began to direct its resources toward the research of product quality and trade of olive oil and vegetable oil in Italy and abroad, consequently increasing also the productivity due to the increase in oil consumption and globalisation.

Furthermore the company encountered the necessity to create a particular blend of oil with a constant taste. This know-how is our major asset today which shows our individuality and our capacity to produce a specific extra virgin olive oil suitable for every demand. In this context the famous flavoured oils of Casa Mantuano are born. The best quality extra virgin oils are mixed with amazing aromas to satisfy those who want a broader idea of Italian cuisine. During the last few years our company has achieved great demand and positive feedback, thus allowing for expansion and business relations with foreign countries. Today our profitable business operates with countries like Belgium, France, England , Denmark, Malta, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, United States and South America, where our products are appreciated on the basis of pure taste, smell and colour that make them unique as the management that controls them. Mantuano family's objective is to keep the quality of their product as genuine as it was an hundred years ago , promoting Italian quality products throughout the world.
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