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Hainan International


Total annual volume of construction work performed from 2006 to 2010 in TSH:

2006 - 35,197,723,487
2007 - 35,535,590,994
2008 - 34,225,624,621
2009 - 37,662,937,724
2010 - 43,291,955,949

      Ling Jian
     Executive Director

               Hainan International Ltd, Previously called MCC20-Hainan International Ltd associated with The 20th Construction Corp, China, has been registered in Tanzania as Class One contractor for building, civil works, electrical works and mechanical works. 

The major business scope of Hainan International Ltd is to concentrate on all kinds of construction works, survey, supply of equipment and materials, engineering, real estate development, maintenance, technical assistance, labor service, import & export etc.

Hainan International Ltd, as foreign company established more than 10 years in Tanzania, has completed more than 30 projects in Uganda, Kenya and especially in Tanzania since then, ranging from hotels, hospitals, multi-stories commercial buildings etc.

Other Members:
 Tao Zhou 

Feng Jian Feng 

Rong Qing Li

Xu Chenwei

Wu Ding

Yong Lin Yao

Zhou Zhijun